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Forest Wonder
Once Upon a Time
Leed's Castle is said to be one of the most beautiful castles in all of England. Set among a storybook landscape, it captures the imagination of each visitor. You can’t help but think of a time gone by when knights and kings once protected and ruled the land. As I watched and quietly waited for the right light, my senses were refreshed as the England winter air gently blew and sent small ripples dancing across the castle water.
On the Edge of Change
Promise of Change
Right before we arrived at this spectacular location, a friend and I had just been turned away from a national park entrance gate due to a heavy snowstorm. We had driven for hundreds of miles to photograph this particular national park. As we both sat in silence, experiencing disappointment, driving down the mountain, the storm slowly lifted. As we were focused on our unmet expectation, we turned a corner and stumbled upon this amazing autumn scene. We both looked at each other wide-eyed and came to an immediate stop. As we waited, the sun began to break though the clouds and the green and orange hues began to explode. I love this image so much because it is a reminder that when one opportunity is stopped or cut short, to keep your head up and start looking because something better might be just around the corner.
Step of Faith
All of us experience the challenge of walking to the edge of what we know and trust, sometimes walking in confusion and fear, thinking nothing awaits us. We find ourselves at the end of the dock, waiting for our ship to come in. Embraced by uncertainty, such waiting for some could be hours, for others, years. We ourselves can only go so far, faith mediates between what we can do and what God can do.