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Aaron Svenby Bio


Aaron Svenby was born in Colorado Springs, CO, and grew up around and in the Rocky Mountains.  Colorado’s amazing and unforgettable beauty created a long lasting love for the outdoors and God’s creation.  Svenby’s talent from a very young age and his ability to compose and see art was evident.  Svenby recalls, “I can remember as a very young boy studying images and art all the time.  I would spend hours just studying and engulfing myself into what was being said through that image.”  Svenby found a medium in which he could begin to capture and express the beauty around him.  He bought his first camera at age fifteen and thus began his photography journey.

Svenby graduated form Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor of Science degree in business and a minor in music.  In the midst of his studies, Svenby realized how important it was to do what he loved and utilize his natural talents.  Traveling and photographing while in school, he began to see the possibility of doing photography full-time and embraced the idea.  His desire to capture the true human perspective was discovered when he purchased a medium format panoramic Noblex camera. Soon after graduation, he launched his own business.  

Now with his career in full motion, Svenby’s Awescapes® are rapidly gaining the interest of large corporations and individual investors alike.  While his business continues to thrive, Svenby views his work as a pronounced mission.  “I view photography as a way of showing the majesty and splendor of God’s creation.  I view myself more as a translator than a photographer.  I’m trying to translate the peace felt when one is in God’s creation into images that can be placed into busy situations where that peace is not daily felt.”  Svenby adds, “It is sometimes easy to get distracted from what is important in life.  My passion and goal with this business is to show and remind people of the bigger picture.”